Iris, Messenger

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Eleven-year-old Iris is always daydreaming. She spends most of her time with her head up in the clouds, even during school. She’s always landing in detention, thanks to strangely sadistic teachers, and she’s the least popular kid in Erebus Middle School. But on her twelfth birthday, she receives a book about Greek Mythology from an unknown source. But whoever it is, they write notes in the margin that get Iris thinking. Where did the Greek Gods go when everyone stopped worshiping them? Do the move to suburban Pennsylvania? When she starts looking, she finds Poseidon at the beach, Apollo singing jazz, and Aphrodite cutting hair. Iris, a staunch believer in myths, is not surprised. But one thing alludes her. How come they all treat her like a long-lost relative?

This book first jumped off the shelf because of its name. There are no snapping crocodiles, circumnavigation of the ocean, or evil villains. But Iris has a character arc. It is very imaginative and funny. One especially good point is that the Greek Gods all tell myths. They do add a few opinions, but the rest is just the stories. It is well written and with great grammar. It is labeled “ages 10 and up” but I think it would be good for any kid that likes stories of Greek Gods and Goddesses. It is directed towards older kids, but anyone can enjoy the stories. This is the author’s first ever novel, so it might be hard to find, but is well worth it.

Iris, Messenger by Sarah Deming. Copyright 2007.

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