The Dragon Princess

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This book looked good in the library. But when I got home and read it, I was tremendously disappointed. It has a very good concept– a princess turns into a dragon when she gets angry. But she’s not a cute little pink dragon, but a enormous, green-scaled, fire breathing one. She scares away just about anyone who sees her mad, including potential suitors. But she learns about a witch in the Icy North that can help her. She cannot keep Millie, the Princess, from becoming a dragon when she’s angry, but can help her control her temper. Sounds like a great story, huh?

However, it was terrible. First of all, the writer, E.D. Baker, had already written five books in a series about the same kingdom. It does not properly introduce any characters. Second, it takes too long to get to the point. Very little of the book is devoted toward Millie’s quest, much less the Blue Witch of the Icy North. Pages 72 through 218, Millie is on her quest. 103 pages after Millie goes on her quest, she meets the Blue Witch. That leaves 43 pages to wrap it up, much shorter than the set-up (175). Third, the writing is bland. Fourth, there is a use of the infamous “kind vampire” theme. Vampires are evil, bloodsucking monsters, by definition. Case closed.

End Analysis: While this book does not belong on the Shelf of Shame, it belongs on the Shelf of Misleading Books. The person who wrote the synopsis for the cover did a way better job than the writer.

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