The Frog Princess

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The last book I reviewed was The Dragon Princess by E.D. baker. After reading it, I noticed that it was the last in a series. So, this time, I went back and read the first book, The Frog Princess. I shouldn’t have. It uses the cliche “twist” of the princess turning into a frog instead of the frog turning into a prince. Maybe Baker started the idea, but the book still is awful. I skimmed most of the middle (I couldn’t stay awake otherwise) and skipped to the end. Pretty much, Emma (the now-frog princess) and Eadric (the frog prince) try to find the fairy that cast the spell on them. In the end, she doesn’t help them. But thank goodness the end isn’t a “I’m happy being a frog” end. They find out that Emma was wearing a Charm Reversal Bracelet when the two kissed. Her aunt had given it to her as protection from evil witches. So, all they have to do is find the bracelet and kiss again.

I found that it had a surprisingly simple end for all those adventures. Another problem with the series is that, by the latest one, the author has changed person. In The Frog Princess, Emma narrates. But by The Dragon Princess, you see the story from third person. I don’t mind either, but I think a series should stay consistent.

End Analysis: All E.D. Baker books should be filed on the Shelf of Misleading Books.

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