Quit It

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Twelve-year-old Carrie is going into seventh grade. But this year is sure to be different than the past years. Last summer, she was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome, and between her various tics, most people look at her like she’s a space alien. But when she joins the Lunch Bunch for lunch with the fun school psychologist, she finally sees that she’s not the only oddball in the school. For one, she meets the bold, independent Rebecca. Rebecca’s family situation is, to say the least, complicated. Rebecca, her mom, and her siblings all currently live with the mother’s soon-to-be-fourth husband, millionaire lawyer Simon Trask. But not one second Carrie and Rebecca spend together is spent complaining. Meanwhile, Carrie becomes annoyed with her family, who try to act like she doesn’t tic at all.

This was a surprisingly good book. A lot of people I know have some sort of “syndrome” or “disorder,” and I found this book an informative yet interesting story. It had a good plot, and it was ┬áneither in-your-face nor sappy. It was well-written in the first person; more books of this type should be. I might note that this book uses the c-word a few times, so it might not be best for classroom use or very young kids.

Quit It, by Marcia Byalick. Copyright 2002. 165 pages.

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