The Hunger Games

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Look, if you want the summary, you can Google it or Wikipedia it. Or  you probably know the story, anyways. I’ve only read Book One. The book, being set in a complex post-apocalyptic society, would take at least 500 words for me to explain. This is my opinion.

A lot of books make me cry. For goodness’ sake, I cried at least five times reading The Lord of The Rings, and about twice a book when reading the Homelanders series (review coming soon!) When I was nine, I kind of started the tradition by crying at the end of the first Boxcar Children book. Now, The Hunger Games is different. I did not cry once! Not when a twelve-year-old dies. Not near the end. Not at the beginning. Never. I did not care about these characters. The author did not make them real to me.

Also, the writer broke the ending-a-book rule. Either end with an action, or some ending narration. This book ends with how the character is feeling. And another thing– the author worked in present tense, which irritates me. They say they want it to seem more “real,” but I find it to be an insult to a reader’s intelligence. I mean, how stupid does the author think I am, that I can’t visualize the past? It’s a story, for crying out loud!

This book has an excellent idea, mediocre writing, and is unreasonably popular. This book is therefore sentenced to my Shelf of Misleading Books.

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PostScript: If you change all the E’s in “Katniss Everdeen” to O’s, and switch each consonant to the one after it, you get “Javpitt Owosfoop.”

Oh, another book that I cry whilst reading (every time!) is These Happy Golden Years, by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I always cry at the line near the end where Laura is going off to her new house with Almanzo. They’re getting in the buggy, and Pa says: “You’ll help her from now on, young man, but this time, I will.” and he helps her up. I just always tear up!

I have now read Catching Fire and Mockingjay, and, as much as I tried, did not flat-out cry either time (my brother did). I only got teary-eyed during the last chapter of Mockingjay, (not the epilogue). However, I was listening to the song Say It by Britt Nicole at the same time, and that song almost always makes my cry.

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